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It is Definitely Time for Halloween Socks

Psych Your Friends with Funny Psycho Patch Socks

The scary orange psycho pumpkin stares out menacingly from a midnight black background with an evil, jagged grin. But the best part about Psycho Patch socks is this: if you wear these socks with trousers or a maxi skirt, they just look like normal dress socks (if a little avant garde) until the evil is revealed when you kneel or cross your legs. What a hilarious way to make your spooky leanings known!

Other Halloween Socks to Match Your Costume

There are so many socks ready to be part of your party apparel. World traveler or other nomad? Travel Junkie. Alien or space traveler? Flextra-terrestrial. Yoga instructor or weightlifter? Core Strength. Geeky loner? Drive Thru Junkie. Musician or artiste? Jam Session. DJ? Let the Beet Drop. So many options; so little time before Halloween is upon us. Use October wisely to show your love of all things creepy before the 31st has passed us by for another year.
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